Hi All,


I trust that you all had a good Christmas and would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy and prosperous new year.


As the season has reached the Christmas break, everything seems to be going well with only 2 outstanding matches as the other

4 was played the week prior to Christmas and I would like to thank all teams for playing their part in this.  For up to date league

tables, averages and any other news please see the league website; . Thanks again to

Jim for keeping this up to date. Ark Eleven and Smashers are heading the Premier Division and Stockland Raptors followed by

Ashcott Remnants and Huntspill Bare heading Division one, The new division two Wells T T Club are heading up followed by

Wells Whiff Whaffs and Monkton Mafia. but there is still a long way to go.


Handicap Tournament

Enclosed with this newsletter is the Handicap Draw, the Ready Reckoner and Individual Handicaps. Any player not shown                                            

            0n the list needing a handicap should contact Mark Duddridge, giving 3 days notice.  The Handicap group stage will be         

Played during February and first week in March.   Because each group consists of 5 and 6 teams, it does not leave any

spare weeks therefor the committee would ask that all games are played during the scheduled week, if not the game

may be awarded to the non-postponed team and every Handicap match must be completed by Friday 9th March

Can I remind teams that the top two teams from each group will go through to the quarter final stage.


               Service Law.  Occasionally the subject of Serving Illegally is brought to the committees notice.  Jim has been kind enough                                                                    

To put this on the Web Site.  I would encourage all members to make themselves familiar with this law.

Also some players are constantly calling let service and on occasions after the player receiving the serve has played their shot.

In both the above instances the umpires decision is final.  Guys lets be sensible about this as we endeavor to play within

the laws and spirit of the game. Please be gentle with the new division two players as it is in general new players to

league Table Tennis developing their knowledge of the game.


Postponement of Fixtures.  There has been a few cancelled fixtures.  Can all team captains make sure they make

themselves familiar with this rule, Page 7 of the 2017/18 Handbook.  If a fixture is needed to be postponed, then

Mark (Fixture Secretary) must be contacted, giving the reason for the request. The postponing team must arrange

a revised Fixture  Date with their opponents, which is expected to be played within 28 days of the original date.

I would like to thank Mark for all the hard work he puts into compiling the results and trying to make sure all

fixtures are complete.


Terry Green  On a sad note Terry sadly passed away earlier in the season, Terry played in the Bridgwater League

for Many years but retired during the 2012/13 season due to ill health.  Robin played many years first with

John Crabtree and son Gayham and then for Sydenham A with Mike and Wendt Pryce.

 Several players attended the funeral.


Registration of new players after Christmas. Can I remind teams that Registration of new players after

Christmas will be e-mailed to committee members and that teams could be told this could take a few days

before an answer is given.  If a player plays without permission being given then the games which

that player has won, maybe taken away.


            Thank you all again for participating in the Bridgwater and District table tennis league.

            Hope you all continue to enjoy a    .                                  

Good season. Please contact me if you have any queries.


Best wishes


             Malcolm Sealey

League Secretary


01278 424401 / Mobile: 07957169643 / e-mail: